Outdoor Treadmill

Outdoor Treadmill

No fees, set hours, restraints on time — 
my outdoor treadmill suits me fine .  

Prairie snow provides vast retreat,
 with snowshoes strapped beneath my feet.

Crunching of snow the only sound
as I walk atop frozen ground.

Crisp, cold air upon my face
heightens senses, worries – erased.

Bright sun reflecting on the snow
gives icy crystals sparkling glow.

Deer, rabbits, fox may happen by,  
or owl glide across the sky.

All of  this,  just out my door –
nature’s gym, yet so much more…

Grateful to have waiting for me,
such splendor and tranquility.


Sandi Knight
© 2007

Prairie Waves

Praire Waves for blog post

Prairie Waves

North winds howl, snow swirls.
Under night sky mighty hands
create beauty from raging storm.

Morning brings sculpted drifts.
Sun reflects on diamond crystals.
Prairie waves of sparkling white
turn bleakness into brilliance.

Sandi Knight
January 2008