December 2003  was a time of economic hardship for farm families right across Canada. As Christmas drew near my thoughts were with them. “Three Gifts for You” poured out onto paper, and much to my surprise was published.  So began an unexpected opportunity to write about life in the country as well as farm and rural issues.

Putting pen to paper has become part of who I am, and one of many unplanned events in my life. The best by far was marrying my farmer in 1989, then becoming mom to a son and daughter. I never envisioned myself living in southern Manitoba but quickly fell in love with the prairie landscapes and skies. Capturing those images is one of my favourite things to do.

In March 2016 I held my first photo exhibit at the Portage & District Arts Centre in their Boardroom Gallery. Out my backdoor” was the result of friends and family encouraging me to “get busy framing” and show my work after seeing a selection of photos posted in a seven-day “Challenge on Nature Photography” on Facebook.

Food is another great love – growing it, cooking, baking, preserving and best of all enjoying it with family and friends. Keeping active, fit and healthy is important to me – bootcamp, yoga, walking, gardening and snowshoeing all keep me on track.

I enjoy upbeat music and am always looking for a reason to dance! (well truthfully, I don’t need a reason…) I try to find the positive in every day and love being around people who make me laugh. I believe in being silly, honest and kind, standing up for what you believe in and doing what you can to improve the world.

This blog is a place to share the gamut from the silly to the serious. Thank you for stopping by!

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