At last

At last

Gentle overnight rain,
warm morning sun
coax Spring to awaken.

Blades of green reach up,
defying dreary brown
winter left behind.

Songbirds’ sweet chorus
floats through air,
lifting weary spirits.

Long-awaited season
of renewal,
finally here to stay. 


Sandi Knight
© 2019

Spring Rain

In memory of my Aunt Jeanne who passed away on May 13, 2007.   I vividly recall the details expressed in this poem… “Those who touch our lives, stay in our hearts forever…”



Spring Rain

Gentle, slow, steady…
a perfect rain
blades of grass turn brilliant green
buds burst open on waiting trees
tulips sparkle with raindrops
robins, goldfinch, sparrows
dart amongst feeders and shrubs
a warbler lands on the windowsill
briefly watching, beckoning – come join us
I would head outdoors
to walk in this warm spring shower
feel the rain on my face
refresh my spirit, cheer my soul
but the new life outside saddens me
someone I love is being taken away
ravaged by unrelenting cancer
there is nothing I can do
so I bake, prepare food
for care-giving family and friends
tomorrow I will visit, say goodbye
I want to share the joy of spring
give strength, courage, hope
but am helpless to stop the pain
I cannot cure, only try to comfort
will I find the right words?
the rain continues to fall
tears rolling down my cheeks
gentle, slow, steady…

Sandi Knight
© 2007

One small rain…

It rained last night. Not much, a mere one millimeter, but apparently enough to awaken the magic of spring. Winter has been reluctant to loosen its grip, but this gentle overnight rain had sufficient power to shift the tides.

This morning there is an après-rain freshness in the air. Overhead, summer-like wispy clouds reach out into in the cornflower-blue sky.


An enthusiastic bird chorus greets me as I step out the door. Robins, which have been slow in returning, cover the lawn in convention-like style. Black-eyed juncos gather beneath the bird feeders, cleaning up the winter leftovers. Sparrows, finches and nuthatches flit back and forth to claim seed, scattering into the trees whenever a blue jay or woodpecker noisily bullies them away. Chickadees sing their spring song. Mourning doves coo softly in the background.

The wind is light, the temperature warm.  Miss Sage is anxious for a walk, and on a day like this, who am I to argue? It is all too easy to delay the tasks at hand and head down our quiet country road.


At the creek, we are greeted by the trills of P1140794red-winged blackbirds – the first of the season. The glass-like surface of the water is broken as a muskrat dives for cover upon on our arrival, ripples circling out as witness to its disappearance.

Then, a distinct rolling call urges me to look upward – sandhill cranes. Finally I see them, flying in relaxed, synchronized formation overhead, rising and falling with the thermal lift. Another sign that perhaps spring is here to stay.


Back in our yard, the lawn is still a dried-brown, but here and there, tinges of green are beginning to show. It might only be the quack-grass revolting against winter, but nonetheless it is a welcome change.

It is remarkable what one small rain can do. More growth and change is yet to come, but spring is now poised to make an entrance.  And it finally feels like winter is headed out the backdoor.

Morning Walk

Currently spring and winter are having a tug-of-war in Manitoba, and lately it seems spring is losing.  As I went for my walk yesterday, bundled in layers of winter-wear to protect myself from snow-pellets and the cold, north wind gusting from 35 – 50 km/hour, this was the kind of morning I was dreaming of…



Morning Walk 

Crisp morning air
wakens senses
refreshes the spirit…
Gentle breeze
blows away cobwebs
of anxiety and worry
lifts them
to join wispy clouds
in azure sky.
Sun glimmers
through lofty oaks.
This peaceful morning
calms and renews,
for a new day.

Sandi Knight
© 2011