Words are trapped,
caught in web
of anxiety and fog.

Thoughts, ideas swirl,
in tightness of my chest.

Blank paper
stares back,
waiting for mind etchings…

Not caring
whether words
educate, inform or inspire.

Just breathe,
slow down the swirl,
let it gently fall on page.


Sandi Knight
© 2018

Moving Meditation

This prairie girl loves her wide open spaces, endless horizons and spectacular skies. But…there’s something special about being among the trees. Especially in the depths of winter. Their beauty, strength and imperfections all exposed. No rustling dress, no camouflage. Just resting giants reaching skyward. 💙

Moving Meditation 

Into the woods,
among the trees,
a calm descends.

Narrow trail winds,
beckons me…
keep moving.

With every step,
tensions, worries —

I pause, look up,
admire tall aspens
reaching skyward.

Gratitude fills
my tired soul.
I breathe deeply.

Then resume
my peaceful,
moving meditation.

At last

At last

Gentle overnight rain,
warm morning sun
coax Spring to awaken.

Blades of green reach up,
defying dreary brown
winter left behind.

Songbirds’ sweet chorus
floats through air,
lifting weary spirits.

Long-awaited season
of renewal,
finally here to stay. 


Sandi Knight
© 2019

Quest for Success

Quest for Success

Is success a powerful, high-paying job?
Is it based on rank or status in society?
Is success accumulating money, a fancy car, a big house?
Is it having trophies, awards and accolades?

Or does success come from within?
Is it having a happy spirit, a content soul?
Does success mean living your dream?
Is it looking within and liking the person you see?

Is success learning, growing and sharing?
Is it being unafraid of failure, trying again when you fall?
Is success always trying your best?
Is it being helpful, kind and considerate?

Does success mean happiness?
Is it the love of family and friends?
Is success being true to your own values and convictions?
Is it peace and contentment?

Ask yourself –
does my success depend on the opinion of others?
Or do I choose the path that’s best for me
and create my own success?


Sandi Knight
© 2009

The Visitor

In memory of my Uncle Bob, born on May 12, 1940.  He  passed away in 2007.                    Great Blue Herons frequented the family farm where he spent the last several years of his life, but this is the only time we’ve ever had one visit our farmyard. 

Photo credit: Scott Sime

The Visitor 

Immersed in my thoughts, I weed, trim, turn soil.
My flower beds, a refuge 
from the sadness in my heart.
Yet another loss, not unexpected, but still…

An unfamiliar sound — I look up.
So very close, a Great Blue Heron,
large wings slowly beating,
 balancing precariously on slender tree branch.

I sit back, mesmerized,
as it watches me.
An unlikely visitor to my backyard.
I slowly stand, take soft steps, draw closer.

In a moment, it takes flight,
crosses above me, lights on lofty perch,
gazes back my way.
I am spellbound.   

Could it be him…
I quietly watch my extraordinary guest,
admire graceful wings extending,
as it lifts off for farewell flight.  

High above the barn and tall spruces,
towards the setting sun.
An incredible sight…
I am so blessed.

Photo credit: Scott Sime


Sandi Knight
© 2007

Let him fly…

Let him fly…

Swirls of wispy clouds dance
in stunning summer sky.
Lush grass cools
bare toes and feet.
Laughter bubbles as he runs,
arms outstretched,
swerving, turning, circling –
“Look Mom, I’m an airplane!”
I join in,
follow his lead
’til we collapse,
giggling, smiling, cuddling…
enchanting moment of pure joy…

I look up at the nurse,
tears streaming down my face,
holding his tiny hand in mine.
“Okay,” I whisper, “let him fly…”
Monitors go silent,
all is still and quiet,
except my breaking heart…


Sandi Knight
© 2012

It’s Your Ladder


It’s Your Ladder

It’s your ladder.
Climb at your own pace,
pause to enjoy the view,
keep your footing firm.

It’s your ladder.
Trust in each step,
never fear going higher
or taking a step back.

It’s your ladder.
Let others help steady it,
when you’re wavering,
in need of support.

It’s your ladder.
Look up, look back, look around.
Each rung offers lessons,
meaning, significance.

It’s your ladder.
Make the pattern of ascent
unique to you, your dreams
your aspirations.

It’s your ladder.

Sandi Knight
© 2016

Morning Walk

Currently spring and winter are having a tug-of-war in Manitoba, and lately it seems spring is losing.  As I went for my walk yesterday, bundled in layers of winter-wear to protect myself from snow-pellets and the cold, north wind gusting from 35 – 50 km/hour, this was the kind of morning I was dreaming of…



Morning Walk 

Crisp morning air
wakens senses
refreshes the spirit…
Gentle breeze
blows away cobwebs
of anxiety and worry
lifts them
to join wispy clouds
in azure sky.
Sun glimmers
through lofty oaks.
This peaceful morning
calms and renews,
for a new day.

Sandi Knight
© 2011