Quest for Success

Quest for Success

Is success a powerful, high-paying job?
Is it based on rank or status in society?
Is success accumulating money, a fancy car, a big house?
Is it having trophies, awards and accolades?

Or does success come from within?
Is it having a happy spirit, a content soul?
Does success mean living your dream?
Is it looking within and liking the person you see?

Is success learning, growing and sharing?
Is it being unafraid of failure, trying again when you fall?
Is success always trying your best?
Is it being helpful, kind and considerate?

Does success mean happiness?
Is it the love of family and friends?
Is success being true to your own values and convictions?
Is it peace and contentment?

Ask yourself –
does my success depend on the opinion of others?
Or do I choose the path that’s best for me
and create my own success?


Sandi Knight
© 2009


Life’s Path



Life’s Path

Shades of grey and green
draw me to the forest.
Sun filters through green canopy.
Moss-covered stones sit as I have,
still for far too long.
Time to move on…
Pursue winding path,
trust light above for guidance.
Follow with faith,
it will lead
to where I am meant to be…

Sandi Knight
© 2011