Quest for Success

Quest for Success

Is success a powerful, high-paying job?
Is it based on rank or status in society?
Is success accumulating money, a fancy car, a big house?
Is it having trophies, awards and accolades?

Or does success come from within?
Is it having a happy spirit, a content soul?
Does success mean living your dream?
Is it looking within and liking the person you see?

Is success learning, growing and sharing?
Is it being unafraid of failure, trying again when you fall?
Is success always trying your best?
Is it being helpful, kind and considerate?

Does success mean happiness?
Is it the love of family and friends?
Is success being true to your own values and convictions?
Is it peace and contentment?

Ask yourself –
does my success depend on the opinion of others?
Or do I choose the path that’s best for me
and create my own success?


Sandi Knight
© 2009

I want you to laugh

It has been a week since the Final Farewell and celebration of life for my dear friend, Claire. Our friendship, cultivated over 30 years, was rich with laughter, joy and a touch of mischief. We didn’t allow cancer to steal that and continued to celebrate life, share laughter and lattes, and create memories which will always make me smile. 💞

But grief is difficult to navigate, and at times overwhelming.  So often when someone dies the message we hear is, “Rest in Peace”.  I have never liked that phrase, and even less so, the acronym “RIP”.  So instead, I penned and posted this letter.  The response was overwhelming. We all need to find a way to carry our grief, and this has helped me, as well as others who loved her. 

Dear Claire,

You know me, always the rebel…I don’t want you to rest in peace. I know…can you believe it?

I want you to laugh. I want you to breathe and move with ease. Free of pain at last, I want you to golf, garden, walk and ride your bike. I want you to cruise in the ’66, windows down, music blasting. I want you to have shopping, lunch and movie dates. I want you to wander through your flower garden as you sip your morning coffee. I want you to enjoy a glass of wine, or two, as you watch sunsets from your favourite balcony in Maui.

I want you to look others in the eye and truthfully say, “I’m fine,” or better yet, “I’m fabulous!” I want your treasured moments of solitude to be free of worry and concern. I want you to sleep only because you are tired from a day well spent.

All those things cancer stole from you, I want you to have back. No resting easy for you my friend.  I want you to be joyful, content and happy. I want you to do whatever you damn well please, whenever you want. And just maybe you can find a friend or two, to stir up trouble with…but only the good kind, of course! 😉

Always with much love and laughter,



Life’s Path



Life’s Path

Shades of grey and green
draw me to the forest.
Sun filters through green canopy.
Moss-covered stones sit as I have,
still for far too long.
Time to move on…
Pursue winding path,
trust light above for guidance.
Follow with faith,
it will lead
to where I am meant to be…

Sandi Knight
© 2011

Spring Rain

In memory of my Aunt Jeanne who passed away on May 13, 2007.   I vividly recall the details expressed in this poem… “Those who touch our lives, stay in our hearts forever…”



Spring Rain

Gentle, slow, steady…
a perfect rain
blades of grass turn brilliant green
buds burst open on waiting trees
tulips sparkle with raindrops
robins, goldfinch, sparrows
dart amongst feeders and shrubs
a warbler lands on the windowsill
briefly watching, beckoning – come join us
I would head outdoors
to walk in this warm spring shower
feel the rain on my face
refresh my spirit, cheer my soul
but the new life outside saddens me
someone I love is being taken away
ravaged by unrelenting cancer
there is nothing I can do
so I bake, prepare food
for care-giving family and friends
tomorrow I will visit, say goodbye
I want to share the joy of spring
give strength, courage, hope
but am helpless to stop the pain
I cannot cure, only try to comfort
will I find the right words?
the rain continues to fall
tears rolling down my cheeks
gentle, slow, steady…

Sandi Knight
© 2007